ENTRANCE — 10 years of creating style identities

This month at ENTRANCE we’re celebrating 10 years of genuin commitment to fashion. It’s been 10 years of ambitiously growing a pure passion into an established business, 10 years of making a difference, cultivating tastes and offering high class shopping experiences and only the best cutting edge brands to our savvy style-addicted customers. We call them 10 Years of Fashion Drama. Discover the blacks and the whites and connect the dots in our journey to fashion-literacy, as follows.

By Diana Colcer

Since launching in early 2008, ENTRANCE— to this day a 100% privately owned family business — has established itself as Bucharest’s premier avant-garde fashion destination. With a keen eye for spotting trends and emerging designers and a genuine passion for fashion, ENTRANCE’s portfolio has grown over the years into a fashion forward mix of cutting edge streetwise brands, niche underground luxury labels and young local or international emerging talents. Today, ENTRANCE is celebrating 10 years of becoming a relevant, successful, fashion-literate destination, proudly offering a carefully selected range of clothes, accessories and perfumes for both men and women, from some of the most trendsetting designers nowadays, such as Off White, Rick Owens, Julya Watanabe, Joshua Sanders, Maison Margiela, Barbara Bologna, Unravel, Mykita, Thom Browne and Palm Angels, among many more.

“Entrance is celebrating 10 years in its own particular way. During 45 short movies, ENTRANCE speaks the truth, sometimes loudly, sometimes yelling, other times whispering and always in silence about staying alive, about the difficulties, the hard times, the struggle, but also their dreams and hopes, their aspirations, their blacks and their whites”, says Gavrilă Fashion Tellers, the creators of our 10 years anniversary campaign, which consists of 45 short movies, 2 long plays and 45 photos. It is the anniversary of the everyday fight of the shop of being relevant in the market for 10 years, of staying in business and yet making  difference. We called this 10 Years of Fashion Drama.”

Nowadays, through its high class in store services and be-spoke approach to clients developed in a decade of practice, ENTRANCE is offering a one of a kind high class shopping experience, one that will certainly have you coming back for more.

Join us.

Whether be it Anger, Anxiety, Anticipation or Awe, we’re more than eager to guide you through your journey of establishing your own fashion identity. Give in to your true style nature. Only at ENTRANCE.

Created by: Gavrilă Fashion Tellers
Production: Studioset
Photo: Christian Tudose
Director: Germain Kanda
Cast: Eduard Trifa, Anca Stăruială
Hair: George Cozma
Make up: Anca Potop
Styling: Alina Gavrilă-Borțun