GUIDI x ENTRANCE A collection celebrating our 10 years anniversary

This week, we’re very excited to introduce a new limited edition footwear collection, especially designed by the world-renowned Italian manufacturer GUIDI to celebrate 10 years of ENTRANCE. Here’s what you need to know about GUIDI and about the new GUIDI X ENTRANCE collection.

By Diana Colcer

Photography: Christian Tudose

Styling: Amir Doboș

For the past 120 years, the Italian shoe-making house of GUIDI has been designing handcrafted exceptional footwear for those who appreciate wearing works of art on their feet, shoes without frills and finishing, that only a traditional craftsman would be able to make, coming in soft, candid hides or in a distressed, strong smelling, thickened leather. GUIDI takes pride in its refusal to give in to the mass production logics and focuses mainly on its own independent research, beyond all fashion trends and all marketing strategies. GUIDI’s passion for leather and respect for the classic shoe manufacturing traditions is indisputable and, as a result, each GUIDI pair is unique in its way and forms a special bond with its wearer.


These fundamentals of the Tuscan tannery surely translate into the new limited edition of footwear by GUIDI, which was especially designed to mark the 10 years anniversary of ENTRANCE. The new GUIDI X ENTRANCE collection, which includes only 12 exceptionally handcrafted pairs, pays tribute to the brand’s deeply rooted Italian shoemaking techniques and incorporates a modern twist of technology, transcending the conventional idea of style and comfort. Custom made details of the GUIDI X ENTRANCE collection include the usage of a thickened leather in a „dusty gold” bespoke colour and a uniquely embossed sole, showcasing  „ENTRANCE” in discrete, classy letters.

Who is GUIDI

The history of the GUIDI brand dates back to 1896 in Pescia, Tuscany, where Guido Guidi, Giovanni Rosellini and Gino Ulivo established the „Conceria Guidi e Rosellini”. In Tuscany, the art of leather tanning can be traced to the Middle Ages, when a guild of tanners and shoemakers where spreading the trade to the rest of the region and, as a result, many local craftsmen decided to devote themselves exclusively to the production of leather goods. This activity reached its peak by the middle of the 18th century and to go over the history of tannery in these areas, means to become aware of the the political and economic developments in 19th century Europe and become acquainted with the natural and traditional treatments of leather and cowhide, which are to this day preserved and employed.

Nowadays, the „conceria” GUIDI is run by designer and manufacturer Ruggero Guidi, and he spends his time and energy looking for the perfect balance between advanced technologies and respect for his heritage of traditions and skills. One of the highest-quality leather suppliers in the world, Ruggero Guidi’s shoes and boots are considered some of the best examples of Italian handcrafted footwear. At the same time, GUIDI doesn’t shy away from innovation, combining advanced technology with traditional skills and knowledge to produce unique pieces that could only be shaped by true craftsmanship. A rare example of consistency and self-reliance, GUIDI is synonymous with the union existing between an object and its possessor.