JOSHUA SANDERS — The Yellow “Zenith” Makes an Entrance

They’re bold, they’re super fun and they look simply amazing. The limited edition of yellow chunky sneakers from Joshua Sanders x ENTRANCE, which marks our 10 years anniversary, is finally in store and waiting for you to step up your game. But first, allow me to take you for a ride inside Joshua’s awesome universe.


By Diana Colcer

Photography: Christian Tudose

Styling: Amir Doboș

Joshua Sanders x ENTRANCE limited edition SS19 “Zenith” chunky sneakers. Available to shop at ENTRANCE.

Make room for the yellow.


For a super solar 2019, we partnered with Milanese footwear brand Joshua Sanders to offer a special edition of sneakers for spring —  just 30 glowing, flamboyant yellow, chunky pairs, especially designed to mark 10 years of Entrance and to have everyone step into the new season with flying colours. The bright unisex design of the Joshua Sanders x ENTRANCE “Zenith” model comes with a ridged rubber sole, branded heel counter, embroidered logo at the tongue, lace-up front fastening and a round toe. To wrap it up, they’re fun, they’re super trendy, they look simply amazing and you’ll find yourself wearing them with all your springy outfits. “We take inspiration from the street, from markets, from the real world and we mix it with high quality fabrics, materials and leather to create the right balanced shoes between ideas coming from the street and high end materials and workmanship made in Italy”, explains the brand’s Creative Director Vittorio Cordella. That being said, I think it’s time to find out more about Joshua Sanders and what they have to offer, don’t you?

Joshua Sanders x ENTRANCE limited edition SS19 “Zenith” chunky sneakers. Available to shop at ENTRANCE.

Joshua Sanders pops up.


Featuring a striking selection of cutting-edge sneakers and skate shoes with a luxury fashion finish, Joshua Sanders has been designing street wear with fine finishings in mind since 2012. The brand’s ongoing philosophy? Quite simple: blending a directional urban aesthetic with exquisite deluxe manufacturing. The rather young Italian label is overseen by the equally fresh name in fashion Vittorio Cordella, and it successfully fuses a forward-thinking sensibility with the heritage of the Italian craftsmanship. Joshua Sander’s Creative Director Vittorio Cordella’s shoes in three words? One of a kind, versatile and innovative. With a background in retail (he owned two multi brand stores in Italy for 9 years before deciding it was time to create his own designs), his street couture style’s aim is to make his clients and aficionados travel without taking the plane. “Travel is a key point of my life and what I noticed is that now people need to wear comfortable shoes to go around. Life now is crazy and busy, people run to work, to events, to restaurants, so I wanted to give them shoes that they can wear feeling cool, but also that reflect their mood. Joshua Sanders has always been pop and contemporary, so I want to give people an opportunity to have shoes for any type of occasions.” And what makes the Joshua Sanders brand utterly unique? “The people working behind the scenes: different tastes, styles and minds”, says the Italian designer voted one of the most promising and progressive emerging talents in fashion, in 2017. “Joshua Sanders is a perfect blend of international research, Italian manufacturing and innovative ideas. I try to take classics and reinvent them to have fun, using unexpected elements. For my oversized bowed slip-ons, for example, I microwaved the fabric to destroy it and give a different texture. I’m not precious with my work — it’s about experimentation.”

Joshua Sanders x ENTRANCE limited edition SS19 “Zenith” chunky sneakers. Available to shop at ENTRANCE.

Quite so, in the past couple of years, the brand has gained popularity because of its unique approach to embellishments, which has been adding visual presence to all Joshua Sanders sneakers and shoes. The striking details — appliqués, oversized bows, neon prints and mirror effect fabrics — make Vittorio Cordella’s shoes interesting and exciting, leaving a unique footprint on anyone’s personal style. Breakthrough moment? “During one of my first trips to Japan”, recalls the designer, “I found vintage American university sweatshirts and hoodies. At that moment the idea of creating slip-on shoes with applied patches became a real project to bring to life.”

Joshua Sanders x ENTRANCE limited edition SS19 “Zenith” chunky sneakers. Available to shop at ENTRANCE.

One can only wait and see what fresh, unconventional ideas will pop into this footwear genius’s mind in the future. Until then, it’s time to put aside dull shoes and make room for yellow “Zenith”!