VAVA’s new point of view

The spring-summer season of 2020 brings yet another collaboration with reputable eyewear manufacturer VAVA, consisting of an exclusive limited VAVA x ENTRANCE collection of sunglasses, fully embodying the principles of VAVA, as well as its impeccable design and sustainable quality. Get ready to see the world through VAVA’s futuristic, highly conceptual lens yet again.

By Diana Colcer

Photography Jennifer Pircalabescu

You might wonder what do Detroit and Berlin — with their consistent techno scenes and their post-industrial landscapes — have in common with the Italian futurism, science fiction movies, Sol Lewitt’s cube and the squared, retro aesthetics of the first personal computers designed in the ‘80s? They all come together at a melting point which is the inspiration behind every single design ever produced by VAVA, an eyewear manufacturer with a strong conceptual identity, established in 2003, by Portuguese designer Pedro Passos da Silva in Berlin.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the brand, it’s worth to establish that VAVA’s philosophy is based on 3 fundamental principles: function, concept, and design, as the Italian eyewear manufacturer associates the conceptual language of machinery and art to create a contemporaneous, conceptual and timeless vision of the future, while also focusing on high quality and sustainability.

At a time when fashion is omnipresent and somehow random, VAVA believes that it is necessary to reacquaint what fashion should truly represent: a return to the essential requirements of design. With all their products being handmade at a small family owned Italian factory, VAVA’s leitmotif is to offer a high-quality product which embodies the experience, knowledge and art of the great masters of handmade eyewear, seeking to foster a dialogue between crafts and high-tech.

VAVA eyewear is inspired by art and architecture, with a keen interest for the Bauhaus movement and minimalism, and their designs sharing the same minimalistic and architectural approach. The VAVA concept, philosophy and design are closely linked to the “post-industrial” society in which we live, and to the growing belief of belonging to a “post-human” age. Tempting people’s imagination and playing around with their love of “science fiction”, the designs are very much inspired by androgynous characters.

The VAVA x ENTRANCE collection is handmade offering all the best qualities the VAVA design has to offer. The frames are made of cellulose acetate from the Italian brand Mazzucchelli. VAVA is using their exclusive eco-friendly, biodegradable and 100% recyclable line M49, produced in Italy by treatment of fibers from seeds (cotton) and fibers from wood (conifers and broadleaves).

Another key aspect of the product is the use of crystal lenses. VAVA uses Barberini lenses exclusively, with high UV protection, antireflection inside, oleophobic coating, scratch resistant and 100%recyclable. The lenses are produced in Italy by Barberini, on its zero-waste plants.

The hinge is made of aluminum 6026, with super lightweight, great mechanical strength, which is anodized to color (not painted) and 100% recyclable. It is produced in Italy, by a high grade industrial milling and grinding process, and the design is patented to VAVA.

All pairs are available to shop at ENTRANCE.

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