Entrance PeepShow, the window shop installation of the Romanian luxury fashion boutique Entrance, attracts the viewer to take a peek at 16 GIFs in order to discover the new collections of the Entrance brands.

16 actions that look like they have been shot by an invisible observer in an atmosphere infused with the naiveté and the flamboyance of La Belle Époque and also the frenzy of the jazz age and the humor of Charlot mixed with contemporary gadgets like VR glasses and kendama toys: from a short and charming hello of a debutante to a happy dance alone probably caused by the purchase of a dreamy purse, from a couple dance coming straight out of the classic “The Gold Rush” movie to the boredom of a 20’s flapper during a badminton game break or the daydreaming of a young woman who lets her necktie dance in the wind.

The visual style emphasises Entrance’s favorite color: black. The clothes and the accessories belong to the brands that can be found on the shelves of Entrance shop: Thom Browne, Rick Owens, MM6, Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garçons, Issey Miyake, Barbara I Gongini, etc.The GIFs are a tribute to the work of the cinema pioneer Eadward Muybridge. Most of the Entrance PeepShow actions are actual remakes of his famous motion studies / proto-GIFs made around 1880s, with a background inspired by the original grid and a similar way of numbering the frames.

The campaign was created by Gavrila & Asociatii (Alina Gavrila-Bortun & Julien Britnic), the production company being Studioset (director: Germain Kanda).

Executive producer : Marius Erhan

DOP : Christian Tudose

Model : Anca Staruiala , Christian Tudose, Alex Necula

Hair: George Cozma

Make up: Anca Potop