Is Wandler your next “it bag” for fall?

Embodying modern femininity with its distinctive colours and shapes, cleverly mixing timeless elegance and architectural minimalism, Wandler may well be on the path of becoming the next street style “it handbag” cult brand. Our edit includes some of this autumn’s most sought-after “Hortensia” Wandler bags. Available at ENTRANCE.


By Diana Colcer

Photography: Christian Tudose

Styling: Amir Doboș

Founded only last year, in 2017, introduced to the world by Instagram and rapidly catching the eye of buyers working at some of the most high-end e-tailers worldwide, Dutch based accessories brand Wandler is probably among the most interesting labels emerging on the international scene. Wandler sells luxury leather goods clear in function and shape, with a distinctive aesthetic, known for their elegant, architectural shapes and bold colour palette. And it has very rapidly become a regular presence on your Social Media feeds and in all the street style galleries that have a say in fashion. Clearly, part of the label’s early success is due to its clever balance between super-feminine and clean-androgynous shapes, as well as its unique use of colours, which are created from scratch by their Italian manufacturer. With an army of Instagram influencers spotted wearing the bags and e-tail giants loving their clean-cut elegant products, Wandler could very well be on its way to becoming the next “it bag” brand. So, here’s some need-to-know facts about this autumn’s most exciting bags.

Points of origin

Amsterdam based designer Elza Wandler took a fashion and branding course at Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2009, which provided her with a solid basis in finding the right balance between creative design and commerce. There she learned that things don’t stop after you make a product. In fact, the business it just beginning and there is a lot more that comes with creation — things like branding, image-making and Social Media. In 2012, Elza Wandler became a designer for Levi’s, where she discovered how the merchandising, design and sales teams work closely together. And also realised that she had a passion for creating accessories instead of clothing, when she got into designing accessories for men. “It’s more sculptural” and the “form is quite free to explore”, she later confessed.

What’s the hype all about

The Wandler designs are simply at the perfect meeting point between minimalism and femininity, making them versatile must-haves.  “Personally, I’m not attracted to super clean, but equally I don’t gravitate towards a total Versace look. However, the mix of these two is what excites me and I don’t feel like you see that a lot in fashion today,” explained Wandler in an interview for BOF. Furthermore, right from the beginning she’s had crystal clear standards when it comes to achieving the perfect shade, describing her elaborated colour development process as essential to her work. “By trying to balance bold expressive colours versus soft hues, each bag has its own sense of contemporary femininity inspired by their energy and personality,” says Wandler, whose best-selling styles — such as trapeze-shaped “Hortensia” or bum bag “Anna” — were each named after someone dear to her heart.

Why everybody needs a Wandler

Committed to sincere quality and embodying modern femininity, Wandler has created a maturity around itself which has a certain niche luxury appeal attached to it, that you don’t see with many bag brands nowadays. “Our bags should have this ‘wow effect’ when you carry them, yet they shouldn’t be screaming for your attention”, explains the designer. As for the Wandler woman? The designer likes to think that her bags are quite accessible and says the Wandler woman is absolutely anyone who feels drawn to it. “I want a woman with her Balenciaga knife boots to love her Wandler bag just as much as a woman who works at a bank, for example, and prefers to look more understated on a day-to-day basis.” And it’s been achieved. So far, each piece presented by Wandler could easily be styled with simple silhouettes, as the central statement piece to an ensemble, or incorporated into a more avant-garde look. So, have you already chosen your autumn favourite Wandler?