Rosa Maria x Entrance – Three rings to rule them all

Paying tribute to the opulent noir we swear by here at Entrance, the Lebanese jewellery brand Rosa Maria offers an exclusive limited collection of rings, especially designed to celebrate Entrance’s 10 years anniversary. Here’s more on Rosa Maria and the enchanting Rosa Maria x Entrance rings. Our preciousss.

By Diana Colcer

Photography: Christian Tudose

Styling: Amir Doboș

Rosa Maria x Entrance 10 years anniversary VERY limited edition rings — just 3 pieces, made in sterling silver, diamonds and onyx.

Opulent, fluid and avant-garde are perhaps the best epithets to describe her non-traditional designs. She mixes materials in an unconventional manner, juxtaposing fine precious gems with the raw, brute, force of elements. She produces unstructured, experimental designs. With a minimalist contemporary vision on jewellery, she’s using simplicity to create stunning, uncompromising accessories, which exhibit imperfect perfection.

Yes, it’s quite easy to fall in love with one of Rosa Maria’s creations and we’re especially proud to introduce the Rosa Maria x Entrance limited edition rings, designed to mark the 10 years anniversary of Entrance. The fundamentals of the Rosa Maria aesthetics translate into these three beautifully crafted rings, which pay tribute to Entrance’s undeniable fondness with grunge luxury fashion and the colour black, blending fluidly shaped beds of sterling silver with sparkling diamonds and the deep, conclusive radiance of black onyx stones.

Rosa Maria x Entrance 10 years anniversary VERY limited edition rings — just 3 pieces, made in sterling silver, diamonds and onyx.

“I’ve always been fascinated by traditional materials and natural forms, and will often draw upon that influence to create a union between the tribal and organic in order to reach a contemporary design”, explains the designer whose signature pieces often speak of her Lebanese history and tradition whilst simultaneously maintaining a contemporary edge. A quintessential part of her aesthetics is staking and layers, which “was a bit of a challenge at first”, she explains, “as there were very few other jewellery designers championing stacks as a way of styling pieces. And I’m incredibly proud that it has become a signature of sorts.” Both minimalist and chunky, her sculptural, layered rings combine organically shaped beds of sterling silver with sparkling black or rose cut diamonds, as well as with a wild array of brightly-coloured stones including rubies, emeralds, topaz and onyx. “Curating combinations and arranging parts of collections is my way of evolving and moving into new and exciting places”

Rosa Maria works from her studio in central Beirut, with her three sisters and takes great pride in the fact that her craftspeople are both Muslim and Christian. “Beirut is such a incredible place with sense of mystery and charm that is just palpable. There is a rich diversity in the traditions and style of the people here which excites me to no end, and is undoubtedly a huge influence upon my work”, she says when asked about how does her native heritage reflect in the brand’s identity. Looking at her perfectly shaped rings it’s hard to imagine that jewellery design wasn’t anywhere in her childhood dreams. “There was always a lingering sense that I carried a certain aptitude for creativity, but I was never sure how it would manifest itself until I began crafting jewellery”. When she began her career in 1998, the Lebanese designer raised the eyebrows of the more traditional jewellery houses. “My studio began at home, as so many often do. It was the place I first began drawing as I became more and more inspired by the natural beauty that surrounded it” says the designer about her beginnings in the ‘90s. “From there I slowly expanded into a standalone studio and continued jumping between workshops and laboratories all over Beirut. These spaces went from primitive to sophisticated as the years passed, and my output grew from a only few pieces to several hundreds.” Holding fast to her vision, Rosa Maria continued to unite the delicacy of precious gems with the strength of the metal, thus becoming a force to be reckoned with on the luxury fashion jewellery scene. Nowadays her jewellery production is still quite small compared to other jewellery brands, but primarily distributed to only the finest fashion boutiques throughout Europe and the Middle East.